New to making a web site for my business, I sought to use a temporary WordPress program to experiment with so as not to mess up my nascent “hosted” web site.  I was not successful is accomplishing this task.  I purchased and read several books on building web sites with WordPress, including “The Missing Manual”, “WordPress for Dummies”, and “WordPress Explained” by osTraining.  Over probably 25-30 hours of trying, I could not get any program to function.  

I tried, reinstalling it 4-5 times without success, would not download after several attempts, and “Wordville” stated I was not authorized to use the program!?  The preceding efforts were tried on an iMac with High Sierra using Safari and Google Chrome, and also on different PCs, one with Windows 7 and another with Windows 10.  Firewalls were turned off.  I therefore abandoned further effort to use a trial WordPress program and have proceeded learning directly on my nascent hosted web site.  Hopefully, I will not make any irreversible blunders.

I have made my first post.  Problems included no instructions (in “The Missing Manual”) how to ‘close the tab’ when after Previewing the post.  After some time deliberating, I finally determined that clicking on the little pink ‘edit pencil’ icon in the left lower corner just above the ‘Leave a Reply’ box will bring the post back for more editing, publishing, or saving to draft mode.