Example of 1 page insert, printed on front only.Explanation of inserts: 

This section is provided to help you understand the various inserts and tray cards, and how they are assembled.  Inserts are the paper inserts in the front of the CD jewel case which may contain graphics or text.  Inserts may be 1 page, 2 pages, or 4 pages.  These are made from a single sheet of paper,  If needed, additional pages can be added.  Inserts are priced according to number of panels printed and whether printing is on front and back. (back to charge list)  

     A:   1 page insert is actually printed on the front of a 2 panel insert, with the obverse side blank (unprinted).  

     B:   2 page insert is a 2 panel insert, printed on the front and back (inside).

     C:  4 page insert is printed on all 4 panels, with front and back panels 1 & 4, and inside panels 2 & 3 respectively.

     D:  4 page insert showing panels 2 & 3.   Pages 1 and 4 (front and back) are on obverse side.

     E:  4 page insert, folded, showing front panel 1. 

     F:  4 panel insert, showing page 4 on the inside of the open jewel case.  Front page (panel 1) is also shown in the layout.

Explanation of tray cards:  

A tray card is usually just printed on one side, with the obverse blank.  If desired with the use of a clear jewel case tray, the tray card card be printed on the obverse side (inside), which can be viewed when the jewel case is opened.