1. Live on-site audio recording (also called ‘remote’ recording):

Concert bands, orchestras, choirs, gospel groups, recitals, jazz bands, blue grass, speeches/narrations, competition/audition ‘tapes’, voice-over (sing or play to your background music).  Live on-site recording works best on performances that are entirely acoustic in nature, although a few electronic instruments (whose amplifiers can be miked) are acceptable.   

(On-site may be your home, school, church, auditorium, outdoors, or other venue). For voice-overs, and in some cases for small groups of 1-4 performers, it may be convenient to record at our home location).  Click for recommendations and tips on recording.

Click here for additional samples of our recordings.  

2. Media transfer/conversion to CD, flash drive, SD chip:

We copy your vinyl (LPs, 45s), 78s, audio-cassettes, 8-Track, 1/4” open reel, MP3, Mini-disk, DAT, audio from VHS, Beta, DVD, SD chip, compact flash, and other cards, and on-line sources.  Your program material will need to be transferred to a PC (computer) for conversion to CD or other digital format, or if any editing or processing is to be done (see editing services).   We use professional equipment and software for media transfers, editing, and signal processing.  We can make multiple copies of your program material for minimal additional costs(see charge list), but be aware that you may need to address copyright issues.  Click here for information on copyright law .

Click here for samples of format conversion and editing .


3. Digital audio processing:

Sequencing, splicing, removal of background noise, removal of other unwanted noise (depending on the specific noise in question), removal or attenuation of clicks, pops, scratches on LPs. 45s, and 78s, time stretching/expansion/compression, pitch shifting.  Click here for explanation of editing services.

Click here for  examples of editing. 

4. CD manufacture: 

CD production:  we can produce, reproduce, or duplicate your CD – from small runs to 1,000 or more.

CD inserts, tray cards:  from your art work or graphics, or we will design for you. Click forgraphics requirements

CD labels:  on-CD printing (thermal wax process) – full color, or black & white

CD overwrapping (available only on standard jewel case; not for slim-line jewel box).

Click here for additionalsamples of our work: 


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