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SUBMISSIONS: (electronic files and physical media)

Audio files:  Audio files may be submitted electronically as mp3 or .wav files.  You may use the uploading program below on this page, or you may use Dropbox and send to our email address: 

Hard copies of archival recordings:  If your are sending us hard copies of your personal recordings (audiocassettes, LPs, 45s, 78s, open reel tapes, etc.), please pack them securely.  78 rpm records are particularly fragile and we recommend that they be tightly bound within their album covers (although not too tight that they might break, but tight enough to keep them from sliding around inside their album covers); then the entire record/album should be protected from physical damage with ample cushioning for shipment.  

Graphics and layout:   You are welcome to provide us an idea of the layout of graphics on your CD, inserts, and tray card; or we can design these items you.   We will send you proofs (electronically) of the designs for your approval and comments prior to finalizing your project.

If you are submitting photos or artwork for inclusion on your CD label, jewel case inserts or tray card, they should meet the following requirements for optimal scanning:  

  • Photos:   should be 3×5” or larger, sharp black & white or color.  Sharp photos and larger photos will result is better reproduction,
  • Artwork:  should have resolution of 300 dpi or better, sent physically as a hard copy, or submitted electronically as a Windows compatible file such as .jpeg or .tiff.  

Be mindful that there may be constraints on your photos/artwork due to space, shape, coloring, or quality, and they may need to be cropped or otherwise altered.  Your graphics may need to be cropped to fit the aspect ratio of the CD (circular with a 7/8” hole in the center), jewel case (square), and tray (rectangular).  If we must scan, retouch, or substantially edit submitted artwork or photos, a $25.00/hr charge will be added.  

Also keep in mind, that for any program material that is not your own, the amount and appearance of any text may be limited due to the required inclusion of copyright content within your project (mechanical licenses almost always require this information appear somewhere within your project (see example).  Of course if the program material is your own, such copyright information is not required.

You may submit hard copies of your graphics by mail or other shipping service, to the address listed below,  USPS (post office) often is less expensive as Media Mail can often be used.  Graphics forwarded electronically should be 1-5 MB or larger and submitted as .jpeg or .tiff files.  Graphics imbedded within an email or text message can be problematic to work with and is discouraged.  We recommend that electronic submissions be sent as separate files, e.g. an attachment to an email.  Files may be submitted electronically using the form below on this page, via Dropbox, sent to our email address:

Materials returned:  Any recordings, photos, or artwork you physically send us will be returned to you along with your finished project, unless you inform us not to do so.

Copyright:  If you are contracting with us (Magnetic Memories) to perform duplication services of program material that is not your own you warrant that you accept responsibility for obtaining the appropriate copyright  licenses required by law.  Furthermore, you will need to provide us with the specific copyright information (composer, arranger, publisher and date) for each piece/song to include on your project, which by law must appear within your project.  If you are the owner of the program material on your project, or the material is from free or open sources or in the public domain, the above does not apply.  Also if you are just receiving a single archival copy from us, copyright information need not be provided.  See section on  copyrights .

Questions:  If you have questions concerning sending electronic files or physical media, we will be pleased to discuss this with you.  You may contact us through this site: Contact Us, email:, or phone us: 423-246-2121.

Send physical media to:  Magnetic Memories, 4260 Fort Henry Dr, Suite 156, Kingsport, TN,  37663



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