The list below is presented here to assist you in deciding what level of specific services and which items you may wish to include in your project.  It is not a price list per se as we are not selling merchandise.  There are many considerations involved in pricing our services, and this list is our attempt to be certain that you are aware of all charges before hand and not be caught off guard by potential additional charges.   For example for the least cost, you may choose to transfer your program material to a simple unadorned CD without editing, graphics, jewel case, etc.  Or for additional costs, you may wish to include editing services, graphics, and packaging (see below).  

Charge List

FORMAT TRANSFER/CONVERSION: Copy your material to CD from audiocassette, LP, 45, 78, 8-track, 1/4” open reel, minidisk, DAT, thumb drive, etc. Your program material will need to be transferred to a PC (computer) for conversion to CD format, or if any processing is to be done. A CD can only hold up to 80 minutes of music or voice, therefore any lengthy material (e.g. multi record albums, audiocassettes longer than 80 minutes) may need split onto two CDs.per hour

CD DUPLICATION: CDs are one-offs, that is burned individually on CD duplicators. Please note that duplication of copyrighted material requires clearance from the owner of the copyrighted work and that you are responsible for securing the appropriate copyright clearance(s). Click here for information on copyrights.
per CD$1.50
Jewel box - standard w/tray
Jewel box - slim line
paper sleeve
Label imprintng on CD: full color (thermal wax) or black (on silver CD). Thermal wax gives essentially same appearance and durability as silkscreen. ($18.00 one time set-up fee). Click here to see examples of CD labels. per CD $1.50
Insert - An insert is the paper label that fits inside the front cover of the jewel box for any text, art work, or photos you may wish to include with your CD. An insert can consist of a single page (2 panels) or 2 pages (4 panels).

Click for info about inserts and tray cards.
- 1 page/1 panel (printed one side, obverse blank - $25.00 one time set-up fee)
- 1 page/2 panels (printed front and back - $31.00 one time set-up fee)
- 2 pages/4 panels. (printed front and back - $39.00 one time set-up fee)

per insert
per insert
per insert

Tray card. - the tray card is a paper label that fits inside the back jewel box cover for text, art work, or photos.
($18.00 one time set-up fee)
per tray card

Overwrapping ('shrink wrap') is available for standard jewel case only.per CD$0.25
EDITING: Includes de-noise (remove tape hiss, ambient room noise such as A/C), splicing, sequencing/spacing, EQ, ambiance,
pitch shift, time compression/expansion, remove noise between pieces, remove/attenuate some pops, ticks, and scratches
from LP, 45, and 78 records. Click here for a detailed explanation of our editing services. Please note that editing can be time consuming and, depending on the complexity of your material, typically takes 2-6 times the duration of the file being edited.  Keep this is mind when factoring in potential cost of your project.  
per hour$25.00
RECORDING, ON LOCATION: orchestras, concert bands, jazz bands, choirs, recitals, solos, narration, sermons, story telling. On-location recording - at your venue (church, school, auditorium, home, etc.) $300.00 minimum for 2 hour session. $50.00 for each hour after first 2 hours. You get a high quality recording of your performance on a CD, with editing and track marks. You may add CD label imprinting, jewel box, insert, tray card, over-wrapping for additional charge as listed above in this table.
Please be aware that additional costs for editing may be incurred (see ‘other charges’ below).

Consider bundling all services - recording, editing, CD production/duplication/graphics/packaging for one single fee of $600.00, and receive 50 fully finished CDs. Additional CDs $12.00 each.
per hour



CD Production:

If you are desiring to archive an old favorite phono album, needing a demo or audition CD, producing a CD for yourself or your group, or desiring to memorialize a treasured recording of a loved one, gift your parents a CD of your children singing, and more, we can produce a quality product for you with labeling, jewel case with insert and tray card, with over-wrapping  (see examples).    CD ‘production’ can involve as little as format conversion with editing and processing your program material, but may also include any of the following: the actual recording process, as well as labeling with graphics, photos, text, and packaging (jewel case, over-wrapping).  As such, there are separate charges for these services which appear in the charge list above.       

For example: 

For as low as $16.40 + tax & shipping:  –  you can get a straight through transfer of an audiocassette or phono record to CD.  There will be no editing, no processing, no labeling, no jewel case, etc.  We will include track marks if feasible.  You will receive an unadorned CD containing a high quality transfer of the copied material from your audiocassette or phono record.  Program material longer than 80 minutes will require a second CD at additional charge. Alternatively, for the same price, we will transfer your program material as an MP3 file to thumb drive, compact flash drive, SD card, etc. (you supply thumb drive, flash drive, etc, or we can supply at extra cost).  

If you desire processing (recommended) such as de-noise, scratch removal, etc., a charge for processing time of $15.00 per hour will be added to your order.  Since processing/editing time can vary depending on the condition of your source material we unfortunately are unable to give you an exact quote of this service ahead of time.  Although every effort will be made to remove unwanted noise, scratches, etc. we can not always produce 100% results.  If your material is excessively deteriorated and cannot be processed satisfactorily, we will notify you and there will be no charge (except for return shipping on any material you wish to be returned).   

Other Charges

  • We charge $0.50 per mile for travel beyond 30 mile radius of Kingsport, Tennessee.
  • Recording services require 50% payment (estimated) prior to service performed.
  • Shipping and handling charges will be applied if your order is shipped to you, or if your original material is shipping back to you. You may pick up your order in person.
  • Be aware of additional charges you might incur in compiling your CD, which can be substantial: these charges include editing time, and layout and set up time.  Editing and layout/set-up fees are included with our package deals, bundled services, and with orders of 100 units or more.
  • Editing time – you can estimate editing time to be up to 3-5 times the length of the final recording.  For example if a recording session takes 1 hour, editing time can take up to 5 hours, depending on complexity of editing desired.